Welcome to Zenith Christ Family Chapel

We all were new, at one time, and we remember what it’s like. So we’ve provided the information below, knowing that it’s easier to venture into a new place when you know what to expect. People attend Zenith Christ Family Chapel each Sunday, and we have Ushers working hard to make sure all visitors are welcomed and encouraged.

Sunday Gatherings

Zenith Christ Family Chapel is a group of people of all generations, backgrounds and phases of life who together are seeking to live God’s way and make a difference in the world. We love God and do what we can to love our neighbors, serve our cities, help the needy and bless the nations. We  exists to encourage all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ.
We’re glad you’ve visited our site. Read on to learn more about us. We hope that you find this website informative, but the best way to learn about us is to join us at one of our Sunday gatherings. We know it can be daunting going to a church service for the first time, so we try to make our Sunday services as welcoming and understandable to the newcomer as we can.

Time & Location

Our Sunday service is at 2:30pm.
We are located at 2410 Spencerville Road, Spencerville, MD 20868

What should I wear?

Whatever you normally wear. We are more concerned with getting to know you than with what you wear. At Zenith Christ Family Chapel you’ll see nearly every style of clothing.

What happens at a Sunday gathering?

On most Sundays, we will have a contemporary worship music during which time you can feel free to stand or sit. Sometimes our members will share a scripture or another spiritual gift to encourage everyone. Our goal is not to put on a show, but to help people to connect with God. Our leadership team will bring a relevant message from the bible. Each week there is always an opportunity to receive prayer for any situation and to respond to the message with worship.